CMBM’S Preferred Disinfection Cleaning Mist TGA Approved to Kill COVID-19

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved Nanocyn® Disinfectant & Sanitiser to be effective in the elimination of Coronavirus within 30 seconds of contact time.

CMBM is pleased to announce that our infection cleaning solution, Nanocyn®, has been approved by the TGA as the first all-natural disinfectant of its type in Australia to kill and eliminate SARS- CoV-2 (COVID-19) within just 30 seconds of contact.

This approval comes at a significant point for Queensland businesses as we enter Stage 1 of the state’s easing of restrictions.

CMBM & Nanocyn®

CMBM offer Nanocyn® misting as part of our range of preventive cleaning solutions, which include pre-open cleaning to eliminate dormant bacteria, and daily misting to prevent build up of pathogens and germs on the premises. If you are reopening your premises for business, please contact us to discuss how we can assist in keeping your employees and customers safe from COVID-19.

CMBM choose to use Nanocyn® because of its 0-0-0-A safety profile and patented Microcyn® Technology, which is formulated to mimic the oxygen and chlorine composition (HOCI) found in the human immune system. This makes Nanocyn 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive, and 100% biodegradable and pH-neutral.

30-Second Kill Time

The 30 seconds kill time against Coronavirus is a key factor in ensuring efficient and effective infectious cleaning. Most disinfectants require a 10 minute or longer exposure time to eliminate viruses, which runs the risk of others being exposed to the virus during this time period.

Effective Against More Than Just COVID-19

Nanocyn® has also been proven to kill:

  • E.coli (Bloody Diarrhoea And Vomiting)
  • MRSA (Infection, Resistant To Antibiotics)
  • Pseudomonas (Infection to Eyes, Ears, Gastrointestinal Tract)
  • Influenza Viruses (Influeza And Common Cold)
  • Streptococcus (Strep Throat and Skin Infections)
  • Norovirus (Gastro)


Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Nanocyn® is registered with the TGA as a hospital-grade disinfectant with claims, and has been used in a wide range of environments, including hospitals, military sites, aged care facilities, childcare sites, offices and more.

Nanocyn® is 100%:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Biodegradable
  • Alcohol- free
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • pH neutral


View full Nanocyn press release here.

If require disinfection cleaning for your premises, please contact our team immediately for assistance.

What is Outbreak Cleaning?

Also known as Infection Control Cleaning or Cold & Flu Infection Cleaning, Outbreak Cleaning focuses on preventing the spread of germs, such as common colds and the flu. This is done by containing, controlling and eliminating pathogens (a bacterium, virus or other microorganism that can cause disease).

Do I need Outbreak Cleaning?

While general cleaning is important for maintaining the basic hygiene and the physical cleanliness of your business by removing dirt, grime and dust, Outbreak Cleaning goes a step further by killing airborne pathogens, rendering mutations and germ spread impossible.

Many businesses with a naturally higher risk of illness, such as childcare centres, aged care facilities and medical facilities, benefit greatly from regular outbreak cleaning in addition to their general cleaning program.

How does Outbreak Cleaning work?

The flu and cold are generally spread when someone who is sick leaves infectious ‘droplets’ in the air from coughing, sneezing and talking. These droplets send sprays into the surrounding area and can linger if not properly disinfected.

Outbreak Cleaning is carried out via a fumigation system which dispels a disinfectant mist into the air to destroy these infectious droplets.

CMBM choose to use Nanocyn Disinfectant & Sanitiser® due to its non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly properties. While other outbreak cleaning sanitisers can contain harmful chemicals and require the room to be empty during and immediately after application, Nanocyn is comprised of 100% natural properties and can even be used without requiring special protective equipment, making it the safest choice for outbreak cleaning.

Should my professional cleaner be providing Outbreak Cleaning?

While Outbreak Cleaning is separate to general cleaning, many cleaning providers may offer a comprehensive cleaning package which includes regular disinfectant fumigations. If you are unsure, contact us today to find out more about how Outbreak Cleaning can be worked into your regular cleaning schedule.


If your business has a high risk of illness, contact us today to find out how our Outbreak Cleaning Solutions can eliminate germs in your centre. Book a free quote on 1800 26 26 37 or at

How you can make your pub more energy-efficient this Summer

Your venue requires more energy to keep your pub running at the standard temperature in summer.

There are several things you can check to ensure you are maximising your pub’s energy efficiencies and reducing your long-term electricity and maintenance costs. For example, changing your lighting to energy efficient light-bulbs, and installing sensory lighting and sensor-controlled bathroom faucets to reduce energy wastage.

The two biggest sources of energy wastage in venues are typically air-conditioning and refrigeration. Follow our tips to maximise your venue’s energy efficiencies.


What you can do to make your air-conditioning energy efficient:

  • Check that your venue is properly insulated to keep cool air in. A well-insulated area means your air-conditioning doesn’t need to work as hard. If you are not sure if your building’s insulation is up to standard, contact us to book a Site Audit.
  • Invest in automatic doors to ensure you are minimising the amount of hot outside air let in. If doors are left open, your air-conditioner will need to work harder to cool down the venue.
  • Have separate air-conditioning zones for your bar, lounge, function room and other areas so that you can control each section independently. Switch off air-conditioning for areas that are closed.
  • Keep thermostats away from areas with extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight or ovens and refrigerators. The thermostat will read that the area is too hot and will put the air-conditioner in overdrive to attempt to cool down.



Electricity used for keeping beverages cool in an average pub accounts for roughly 10% of the total energy cost. How you can keep your pub energy efficient:

  • Make sure your refrigeration unit uses natural refrigerants (the fluids used as the heat carrier), as they are generally more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan than synthetic refrigerants.
  • Ensure heat-producing equipment is placed outside the unit in a well-ventilated area. These include line coolers, cooling cabinets and ice makers.
  • Get your heating pipes, refrigerator doors and hatches insulated and draught-stripped to prevent the cellar from heating up. If you need to get your equipment insulated, please contact us.
  • Ensure your access doors are self-closing and are immediately shut following deliveries.
  • Check your door seals are in good condition. Moisture within the unit can affect efficiency levels.
  • Keep your refrigeration unit in a well-ventilated area and ensure the coils are clean and well-maintained. Coils covered in dust or grime can overheat and impend on proper circulation.


If your refrigeration unit requires an upgrade, or you would like to refurbish your venue, please contact us for a free quote.

Are you prepared for fire season?

Whether you work in a commercial or industrial business site, an aged care facility, or childcare centre, there are precautions you can take to minimise the risk of fire breaking out and spreading across your site.

In dry, scorching summer heat, fires can start abruptly and cause significant and devastating damage to your property. It is worth taking the time to ensure your business is adequately prepared for fire season.

Minimising fire risk

The biggest risk of fire outbreak is dry overgrown grass and bush. Once ignited, dry grass is a super fuel for fast spreading fire which can quickly engulf its surrounds, as we are seeing occur drastically in New South Wales and Queensland at present.

The best way to minimise fire risk to your property is to ensure:

  • No excessive dry or dead vegetation is on your property
  • Your flammable or burnable material is stored properly
  • Your building maintenance is up to date


Your action list should include:

  • Trimming low-lying branches (under 2m in height)
  • Keeping grass regularly cut (no long grass)
  • Removing excess combustible materials, such as dry grass and dead leaves, undergrowth and branches
  • Ensuring damaged roofing is repaired and gaps are sealed
  • Keeping your gutters free of leaves and build-up
  • Moving flammable items, such as wood piles, boxes, crates and garden furniture well away from your building


If you require assistance with your building maintenance and outdoor environment we can help.

Contact us to book a garden clean-up.

Getting a Professional Assessment

In addition to ensuring your garden and building is maintained properly, it is worth having a Fire Audit conducted to identify other hazards you may not have been aware of.

Fire Audits are generally provided as part of an overall Site Audit and cover internal and external hazards on your property. They are conducted by qualified building inspectors who know what to look for.

Contact us to book a Site Audit.

Creating an Emergency Management Plan

In the case of a fire, or other disasters that can occur, it is important to have an up to date Emergency Management Plan that your employees, residents and visitors are familiar with and can easily access.

Your plan should consider:

  • Local emergency planning, including who the emergency contact is & meeting points
  • Immediate communication strategy to family members and related service providers
  • Post-event communication strategy to clients and stakeholders


Avoid fire hazards on your property. Contact us today at or on 1800 26 26 37 to book a Site Garden Clean-Up and/or Site Audit.

National Recycling Week 2019

Since its introduction in November 1996, Planet Ark’s 2019 National Recycling Week sees the famous initiative reach its 24th year. National Recycling Week brings a national focus to the environment and highlights the importance of recycling and other sustainable practices in minimising waste and managing material resources responsibly.

Creating Sustainable Practices

At CMBM, we aim to create a culture where sustainable practices are at the forefront of our operations for both our employees and our clients. We do this by creating organisational-wide buy-in and understanding of responsible waste minimisation and management.

This starts with our commitment to the four R’s:

  • Reclaim – being aware of what materials can be repurposed for use in other projects to minimise our landfill footprint.
  • Repurpose – ensuring reclaimed materials are being used where possible, such as turning tree waste to mulch and use of bricks and pavers as gravel.
  • Recycle – implementing recycling initiatives for non-environmentally friendly materials such as plastics, cardboard, toner, aluminium and more.
  • Reduce – reducing overall wastage through efficient volume control and planning.


Our formal commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in our business policy and ISO Certification for Environmental Management Systems (14001:2015). This recognises CMBM’s full compliance with the International Standard of Environmental Management.

Some other ways CMBM are undertaking sustainable initiatives include:

Greener Cleaning Operations

CMBM implement sustainable cleaning practices across our daily operations, and work with suppliers who can accommodate this, such as SABCO for their microfibre products and water-fed dispensers, and Tasman Chemicals for their range of Enviro-Scheme approved products.

We also use Nanocyn® Disinfectant & Sanitiser for outbreak cleaning, which is comprised of electrolysed water (99.97%), sodium chloride (salt) (0.023%), sodium hypochlorite (0.004%) and hypochlorous acid (0.003%) – all 100% natural and chemical-free ingredients.

Waste Management

Centralised waste management is implemented across all our offices to reduce the need for multiple plastic bags and reduce risk of cross-waste contamination. These include deposited goods for collection, such as toners and batteries.


CMBM have worked with sustainability consultants to bring composting and recycling initiatives to our regional employee accommodation sites, such as cardboard bailers, composting units for wet waste and centralised recycling arrangements.

Energy Efficiencies

Our company vehicles all possess a Green Star Rating of 4+ to ensure efficient fuel consumption.

Additionally, regular energy audits are carried out to ensure our energy efficiencies are up to date with the latest technologies, including sensor-lighting, energy efficient lightbulbs and solar operations.

Digital and Paperless

Our operations are run entirely digitally, from accounting and finance to workflow management and auditing. Our Customer Service Managers (CSMs) conduct quality audits via tablets and our services team access their workflow through their smartphone app to negate the need for printing.

Is your business ready for storm season?

Queensland has some of the most severe weather in Australia, being prone to heavy thunderstorms, flashing flooding, hail and damaging winds.

Storm season can cause significant short- and long-term damage to your business, so it is worth taking the time to think about what steps you should take to minimise risk of damage to your business.

With summer approaching, now is a great time to ensure your business has checked off the following items for storm preparation.

Getting your workplace storm-ready

Check for storm hazards or existing issues that may trigger excess damage.

External Storm Preparation

  • Trim trees and branches close to your building, including near windows or the roof
  • Clear gutters, downpipes and drains to avoid blockages, overflow and foundation damage
  • Make sure any shades, sails and awnings are properly fitted and secured in place
  • Secure loose items such as table, chairs or outdoor pull-up banners
  • Ensure your roof is professionally checked for damage or corrosion
  • Make sure any corrosion, loose fittings and rotting or termite-affected timber is repaired or replaced


Internal Storm Preparation

  1. Ensure that your inventory, equipment, furniture and fittings can be raised or removed quickly and easily
  2. Keep your computer equipment and other electronics off the floor
  3. Know how and where to turn off your office’s power, gas and water supply
  4. Back up your critical data on a portable storage device and ensure it is kept in a secure location off the premises

Ensure your paperwork is in order

It is essential to make sure your insurances are up to date and that you fully understand what you are and are not covered for. You should also be aware of what you can and cannot do prior to making a claim. For example, most policies specify that you must not attempt to clean-up, remove debris or repair items without the insurer’s permission.

It is a good idea to contact your insurance company to check if there are any specific requirements that need to be met should you need to claim damages. In some cases, you may need to prove the site has been regularly maintained prior to suffering storm damage. This can be done with maintenance records and detailed maintenance plans.

If your business is in a storm or cyclone-prone area, you may want to get a professional builder to assess the structural integrity of the building.

Preparing your staff in the event of a storm

Make sure you have an emergency storm plan in place which your staff are aware of, such as what to do during a severe storm, who the emergency contact is, who to report to, and any specific communication that needs to be sent to clients.

CMBM provides emergency storm damage response and preventative maintenance plans to assist in your storm preparation. Contact us on 1800 26 26 37 or at to book a storm assessment or repairs for your business.

CMBM join with Energy Systems & Services

CMBM Facility Services are proud to announce our newly formed strategic partnership with Energy Systems & Services (ESS) to offer our customers better products and services for operating a more energy-efficient business.

Together we can now measure how an organisation can use their energy more efficiently, and in turn offer financial gain through power correction and rebates. 

We would also like to welcome Chris Bird, who is our ESS QLD Manager. In essence, ESS are now our expert ‘energy specific’ partner. Chris can outline the various energy solutions relevant to your particular business, and in turn detail how you can reduce costs by taking advantage of any rebates available from both Government and industry. He can measure this through your existing interval (NMI) data to see where areas of value can be realised.

This is just another way we can offer our customers a full range of facility solutions for a more efficient business. For more information, please read our CMBM Energy Audit flyer.

CMBM achieve the highest level of Safety, Quality and Environmental Certification from ISO

CMBM recently undertook an ISO Certification Assessment to be formally Certified under the new International accreditation standards. As a result we have achieved accreditation for Safety, Quality and Environmental aspects:

  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 OH&S Management Systems

is an international body that standardises how businesses and organisations involved in commerce and industry manage information and processes. An ISO certification ensures that the applicable management systems conform with all the requirements for  standardisation, safety, quality and environmental assurance.

CMBM operations are Quality Assured and our high level of compliance directly reduces the risk associated with our operations. This provides our clients with less risk and credible compliance through improved systems, processes and safety, and reducing our impact on the environment as an organisation.

We look forward to the positive benefits for both staff and customers of CMBM Facility Services across Queensland today and in the future.