Commercial & Corporate Cleaning

Our full range of Brisbane Cleaning Services

• Corporate cleaning
• Commercial cleaning
• Carpet cleaning
• Window cleaning
• Travelator cleaning
• High pressure cleaning
• Strip and seal
• Hard floor and soft floor treatments
• Non-slip/anti-slip coatings
• Bond cleaning
• Roof and gutter cleaning
• Car park cleaning
• Escalator cleaning

CMBM acility Services are at your service

• Hood and duct cleaning
• Housekeeping
• Kitchen cleaning
• Laundry cleaning
• Bar and hotel cleaning
• Graffiti removal and prevention
• Post construction and builders cleaning
• Infection control and outbreak cleaning
• Event and stadium cleaning
• Industrial cleaning
• Building site cleans

Cleaning methods

Both traditional chemical and new environmentally friendly microfibre cleaning methods are available.

Gutter Vac

Our Gutter Vac system is a powerful vacuum with custom-built attachments that removes debris more effectively than any other cleaning method. Each vacuum unit incorporates ‘wet-dry’ technology so sludge and other wet materials pose no problem.

External building cleaning

CMBM can clean the exterior of buildings and homes from the gutters to the ground including walls, windows, doors, screens, awnings, sills, fascia’s, eaves and framework. We use hot water under variable strength high pressure to clean these surfaces. If required, we will use an environmentally friendly detergent to remove stubborn stains; however hot water generally negates the need to do this and is a more environmentally responsible option.

Floor sealers

CMBM are approved applicators for Stain-Proof™. It is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that provides premium permanent protection for natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete and grout.

Non-slip floor treatment

CMBM are approved applicators for GripGuard, the most trusted non-slip floor treatment dedicated to keeping your facility safe from slips and falls. Read more about our Safety Products.

Graffiti removal

CMBM have a dedicated graffiti removal team that is highly trained in the removal of graffiti from all substrates.

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