Outbreak Cleaning

Rapid infection control!

CMBM offer cleaning services designed to eliminate the source of infection and restore your business operations quickly. We offer a professional commercial cleaning service to limit the risks associated with an infectious outbreak.

The consequences associated with an infectious outbreak can have serious impacts on your business and employee health. This can be costly, time consuming and often leave customers with a negative perception of your brand.

While the control and containment of sources of infection can be challenging, CMBM Facility services offer specialised cleaning services to effectively manage outbreaks quickly and effectively. From our experience the source is normally linked to hygiene, the cleaning standard or transmission of infection (airborne, surface contamination and contact).

Our staff are technically trained to eliminate further spread of infection through proven cleaning processes. The containment and rapid treatment of an infectious outbreak in child or aged care centres is legislated and require set processes to effectively treat the outbreak until there is confirmation you can return to normal operations.

CMBM Facility services offer specialised cleaning services to effectively manage outbreaks and restore the highest level of hygiene to your premises. We offer rapid control and treatment of the source(s) of infection that allows return to normal operations in a reduced period of time.


  • Our 24/7 Help Desk offers fast mobilsation and quick response times.
  • Experienced and trained cleaning teams are assigned to complete outbreak cleans.
  • We have a tried and tested process to ensure all surfaces, touch-points and sources of infection are effectively treated.
  • Compliance with legislative provisions is met.
  • Proven chemicals are used to treat surface areas that will not cause damage or have residual effects.
  • Capacity to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the cleaning and bacteria levels through use of an ATP Meter, which measures surface cleanliness and presence of bacteria.
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