From the Marketing Manager…

The 4th of July was Independence Day in the States, and it’s also the day I started at CMBM 2 years ago. Little did I know the big journey such a short space of time would hold for me, but it seems fitting for so many reasons that it was the day I started. I grew up in America so the day has always held a special place in my heart to begin with.

I started work at CMBM Facility Services after applying for a twenty hour a week job when my son was ten months old. I am sure many of you would understand re-entering the workforce after having a child (whatever their age) can be a scary task even when you know what you are going back into, let alone starting in a totally new environment! Within a few weeks my hours had been upped to thirty and I was looking after marketing and tenders. It has been a big learning curve for me and is a big juggling act, but one I am enjoying more every day. I have seen employee numbers nearly double in my short time here, been part of some very large tender wins including The Sunshine Coast Council, RioTinto Yarwun, JV Property Group, Regis, DHA, Bundaberg Council and many more. I have been part of the birth of Multhana Property Services to offer opportunities to Indigenous Australians and support the Queensland Government’s “get back to work campaign”. I’ve been to countless functions, raised thousands for charity, laughed too hard and I’ve stayed up way too late working on tenders. Most importantly though what I have joined is a group of very hard working, friendly people who feel like a big family to me now! I have some fantastic colleagues and I couldn’t be more pleased to have passed my 2 year mark. I am very excited to be hiring an marketing assistant soon in the next chapter of our journey (check out seek if you are interested).

Thank you Mark and Damien for the opportunity, understanding and flexibility with my time as a working mother and empowerment of me and my position within CMBM.

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“They stand out above their competitors!”

“The accountability and the organisation of their day-to-day tasks have always been above average, and in a competitive market they stand out above their competitors. We have always found their senior management team to be very resourceful in supplying a variety of industry sources. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone that requires a reliable long term cleaning company.”

— Russell Reeves , General Manager, Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club