Energy Management Services Brisbane

While most energy management companies deal only with energy audits,
CMBM offers this service in conjunction with our complete range of cleaning, maintenance, building and management services.

By doing so, we can work out innovative, fully integrated ways to save you money on:

  • Lighting audits
  • Energy audits
  • Air Con audits
  • Solar Energy audits, and
  • Asset condition audits.

As a highly experienced energy management company, CMBM understand the importance of being environmentally conscious and know how to take advantage of any available Government rebates such as the Solar Energy Rebate Scheme.

Pay less for energy.

There are a growing number of energy management companies in Brisbane.
Few are as proficient as CMBM at helping you work out how to run your facility better and saving you a considerable amount on your power bill…without marking up our services!

Regardless of whether you are in change of a club or pub, sporting facility, restaurant, school, government institution, or other facility, you WILL pay less for energy with CMBM because we show you how to take control of your electricity charges..

We can help you increase your power factor (using incoming power more effectively) and avoid unnecessary wastage by installing dynamic power factor correction equipment.

These Capacitor Banks can prove invaluable. For example, if your current power bill is $20,000 per annum and we determine that you’re only using 70% of what you’re being supplied, we could save you $6,000 a year.

As accredited service providers, we can take care of all your requirements, from technical knowledge to HVAC expertise.

We can even finance your solutions, for example factor correction units.

Plus we speak plain English so you’ll understand exactly what we’re doing.

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