Repairs & Trades

Maintenance: We take care of everything

CMBM specialises in building maintenance services. Our skilled client service managers ensure you receive value for money by instigating preventative maintenance plans to increase the life cycle of equipment, reduce capital expenditure, save on expensive repair costs and associated downtime costs and inconveniences.

Most of our clients are not experts in judging the standards of the complex trade services that every building needs, or are not physically able to check that work has been done to a high standard. We check all work supplied by CMBM and if requested, from other service providers as well. We guarantee our services completely.

Building, garden and grounds, including:
▪ Mowing, slashing and brush cutting
▪ Weed control
▪ Tree lopping
▪ Landscaping
▪ Electrical work
▪ Gas fitters
▪ Cabinet makers
▪ Concreters
▪ Brick/block layers
▪ Painters and plasterers
▪ Tiling and waterproofing
▪ Carpet, vinyl laying and timber floor installation
▪ Refrigeration
▪ General repairs
▪ Non-slip and protection
▪ Plumbing and drainage
▪ Ceiling repairs/replacement
▪ Pest control

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