Hear from some of our happy customers below:

“The library is continually cleaned at such a high standard and we never have any issues in regards to cleanliness. “

Since the closure of libraries due to Covid-19, the extra cleaning service has been fantastic. Aman, the cleaner, wipes down all benches, door handles, seating, desks, and light switches, and does it properly.

Aman takes a lot of pride in his work. He is extremely respectful to staff and customers and always has his head down busy working, and the work is always brilliant.

Brian, you visit continually and you seek feedback and provide us with any information that is required. We appreciate the contact and having the ability to discuss any matters that may arise. You are always so helpful and friendly it makes such a difference.

Sunshine Coast Council

“I have no hesitation in recommending CMBM to any company requiring a consistent, reliable service.”

CMBM have been the contract cleaners to The Broncos Leagues Club for over 10 years.

The cleaning standards have always been to a very high level and the management team are always a great help in supplying other required services upon request.

Joe Kelly, General Manager
Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club

“All four sites have, truly, never looked better. ”

I am very proud of the team out at Rio Tinto, they always go the extra mile and work so well as a team. Leigh Kenny is really doing an amazing job at Rio Tinto.

The CMBM team have also organised a BBQ as a team bonding activity. I see great things ahead for the team out at Rio Tinto.

Shane Greenwood,
Rio Tinto

“Prompt, friendly and reliable!”

Since CMBM were contracted in 2005, the club has undergone substantial renovations and increased in size to facilitate our member requirements. We have found CMBM staff and management are always ready to accommodate our needs during these transitions and have been very helpful in supplying other industry services with prompt, friendly and reliable service.

I have no hesitation in referring this company to anyone considering their services.

Sharna McLean, General Manager
Easts Leagues Club

“They stand out above their competitors!”

The accountability and the organisation of their day-to-day tasks have always been above average, and in competitive market they stand out above their competitors.

We have always found their senior management team to be very resourceful in supplying a variety of industry sources. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone that requires a reliable long term cleaning company.

Russell Reeves, General Manager
Sherwood Services Club

“CMBM have been our contract cleaners for over 14 years at Greenbank RSL”

We did move to explore other options at one time during renovations but made the move back to CMBM to achieve the consistent results we are always striving to provide our members.

Tim Wright , General Manager
Greenbank RSL Services Club

“I have no hesitation in recommending CMBM for club refurbishments.”

We were extremely impressed by how CMBM managed our refurbishment. They made the entire process so easy! CMBM saved us time and resources by ensuring the construction did not interfere with the operations of the bar and accommodation throughout the entire project.

Justin Ham, Owner
Waterloo Bay Hotel

I checked in with the workshop team this afternoon and they have passed along a thank you and noted that the new cleaners are “nailing it”.

Quite exciting for such a high traffic area, big thanks to your team 😊

Brooke Tice , Project and Property Coordinator
Bootooloo Propety

“…the company is delivering and providing a professional and high quality service…”

Our Centre changed cleaning companies at the beginning of this year as I was not happy with the previous one. As I approached Cameron Johnson with questions and queries, he was very helpful, informative and positive. I felt confident that changing to CMBM would be a positive and successful move.

To date, the people who I have corresponded with have always acted in a kind, supportive and professional manner. Even when there have been issues and concerns, they have been addressed in a timely and professional way. There are very good communication systems in place that ensure the company is delivering and providing a professional and high quality service.

Karen Petrie, Centre Director
Northpine Christian College, Childcare & Early Learning Centre

“Communication, trust and reliability are the underpinning pillars required, in order to maintain a long term business relationship. CMBM will never let you down in this important and fundamental regard.”

I highly recommend and fully endorse the quality and innovative services provided by CMBM. They are a premier Facility Services provider.

David Hatton, OAM, General Manager
Baseline Training Pty Ltd.

“Hats off to you and the cleaning team!”

The trams and stations looked brilliant yesterday. I was at Cypress Avenue early in the morning and then went to Southport and it was so busy. But seriously everything looked great – and so many people commented on how good the LRVS and stations looked. Your team is a credit to you. You should be seriously proud.

Dale Cameron,
KDR Gold Coast

“Can you please thank the cleaners for doing such a good job on the cleaning of this fridge – It’s now safe to put our food in!”

Annie Earp, Transport Infrastructure Management 
Sunshine Coast Council 

I would like to say that the cleaners are doing a wonderful job and that the carpark has been regularly cleaned up.

Ana Gillespie,
Clubs Queensland

“I found the house tidier than I’d left it!”

I want to commend the guys from CMBM who came to do some touch up work yesterday.

They asked if it was ok to move furniture to fix the walls and ceilings, and I said that was fine, but please could they move everything back as I would be unable to do it myself being pregnant. Of course, the guys said that they would, but then asked if there was anything else heavy that I needed moved that they could do while they were there. When I came home in the afternoon, I found the house tidier than I’d left it!

We Sell Homes Pty Ltd

“An absolute pleasure!”

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with the building services 
staff at CMBM. They are very knowledgeable and their ability to project manage all the trades has saved us stress, time and money. They are prompt and reliable, and sorted our insurance claim out quickly to minimise disruption to our business. Thank you!

Raelene James, Owner
Brand Plus

“The CMBM cleaners consistently provide an excellent service!”

It was an easy decision to sign up long term with CMBM.

From a venue manager’s point of view, CONSISTENCY is the thing I look for most. The CMBM cleaners consistently provide an excellent service. If something is missed which is rare, a phone call and they come back. Having the same cleaners come each day, they get to know our venue and there is never any drama – the cleaners do their job which makes my job easier.

I would recommend CMBM and the majority of our hotel group now uses CMBM.

Donna Browne, Venue Manager
Westbrook Tavern

“No hesitation to give my recommendation!”

The cleaning staff undertake their duties in a prompt, timely and professional manner and are both polite and courteous. I would have no hesitation to give my recommendation of the cleaning practices given by CMBM Facility Services.

John Barnett, Admin Manager
Coolum Beach Bowls Club Inc.

“I would recommend CMBM as contract cleaners and look forward to working with them well into the future.”

CMBM forms an integral part of our business performing cleaning duties for our large hotel seven days a week, including high cleans and carpet cleaning on request. Cleanliness is paramount in the hospitality industry and the services provided by CMBM assist in maintaining this high standard for our patrons’ comfort. The inclusion of a dedicated property manager visiting regularly is a huge positive for CMBM. This allows issues to be addressed and resolved promptly.

I would recommended CMBM as contract cleaners and look forward to working with them well into the future.

Anita Armanasco,
Fitzy’s Toowoomba

“I like the fact that when there is an issue, Charlie or Pat just get it sorted without all the excuses. It doesn’t escalate into being bigger than it should.

There is always going to be a “teething period” when taking over a new venue, but it how it is dealt with that is important. For that I can only praise the guys. 

Petroh Daczynski
Sherwood Services Club