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Quality solutions for the industrial sector

CMBM Facility Services deliver high-quality cleaning, maintenance, and building solutions to industrial clients throughout Queensland. Since 2005, we have serviced clients in the infrastructure, mining and resources, and industrial sector to facilitate clean and well-maintained environments for employees and visitors.

Tailored to your site

Cleaning industrial facilities can be a challenge for inexperienced teams. From warehouse and production areas to reception spaces, amenities, car parks and receiving docks, each area of your site requires a different approach to cleaning.

CMBM thoroughly considers the needs of your industrial site in order to deliver a full-service industrial solution specific to your facility.

Experienced cleaning professionals

Starting with a thorough site assessment and tailored proposal, your cleaning services are managed by your dedicated Client Services Manager, who will provide personalised support, regular quality audits, and 30-minute call-back service. Our experienced cleaning professionals are trained in sustainable cleaning methods, microfibre equipment, and infection control.

Programmed Cleaning

CMBM can enhance the appearance and efficiency of your industrial site with our programmed cleaning services, including scheduled dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting of surfaces. We work with you to arrange a time and frequency of service to minimise impact on your operations.

Periodic & Specialty Cleaning

We offer specialised cleaning services targeting areas that require extra attention, restoring your industrial site to its optimal condition. CMBM can arrange periodic and specialty cleans at a frequency that suits your business.

Window Cleaning / High-Glass

Ensure clear views and abundant natural light into your industrial site with expert removal of dirt, streaks, and smudges from your windows by CMBM.

Concerned your building is too tall for an average window cleaner? No stress – our specialised high-glass cleaning services means we can provide your industrial site with unobstructed views at most building heights.

High Pressure Washing

A powerful cleaning solution for maintaining a pristine environment, CMBM’s pressure washing services can effectively remove stubborn dirt, grease, and contaminants from industrial surfaces, including equipment, machinery, floors, and walls. This enhances the lifespan of equipment and surfaces, whilst creating a clean and productive workspace.

More about pressure cleaning here

Stripping & Sealing of Floors

Rejuvenate and protect the vinyl and tile flooring of your industrial site with strip-and-seals from CMBM. Our team creates beautifully restored floors with enhanced durability, resistance to stains, and a brilliant shine, thanks to our expert removal (‘stripping’) of old layers of finish and embedded dirt, then applying a high-quality sealer.

Graffiti Removal

CMBM can eliminate unsightly vandalism and restore the visual appeal of your industrial site with our specialised graffiti removal services. Our team can create clean and unblemished surfaces originally affected by graffiti tags, creating a more welcoming and professional environment.

Non-Slip Flooring Treatment

Minimise slip and fall incidents on your site with our complete range of anti-slip flooring solutions. From anti-slip treatments to stair treads, grip tape, and non-slip coatings (including the innovative GripGuard treatment), our specialists can install and apply non-slip solutions on your premises without disrupting your business.

More about non-slip services here

Sweeping & Carpark Cleaning

Reduce the risk of accidents and create a well-maintained appearance with regular removal of debris, leaves, dirt, litter, and other waste from your parking areas. Our sweeping and carpark cleaning frees your parking spaces from hazards and obstructions to improve the overall experience for visitors and vehicle owners.

Maintenance & Repairs

Ensure the longevity and optimal functioning of your systems and structures with our professional maintenance and repair services. We can identify and resolve maintenance issues promptly to prevent further damage, extend the lifespan of assets, and create a secure and comfortable environment at your industrial facility.

More about maintenance services here

Why choose CMBM?

Dedicated Client Manager

Your Client Services Manager oversees your cleaning operations to ensure consistent service quality and provide personalised support. 

30-minute call back

We are always available to address unexpected issues. On the rare occasion your call is missed, your Client Services Manager will call you back within 30 minutes.

Quality Audits

Frequent quality audits to ensure our cleaning services are consistently delivered to a high standard and you are completely satisfied with your cleaning.

Trained & Experienced Cleaners

Our experienced cleaners are trained in sustainable cleaning methods, microfibre equipment and infection control to deliver the best clean for your business.

ISO Certified

We are proudly certified in ISO 45001: 2018 Safety Management, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management.

Buying Power

We pass our company buying power onto you as a client, with preferential rates on our entire suite of services.

Trusted by clients across Queensland

Trusted by clients across Queensland

An Award-Winning Team

We are proud to have won awards for our commercial cleaning excellence, including 'Outstanding Company in the Cleaning Industry' in the 2022 and 2019 Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCCA) Excellence Awards.


Outstanding Company in the Cleaning Industry

BSCAA Excellence Awards, Winner 2022, 2019; Finalist 2021


Most Valuable Cleaning Team (Regional Qld) - 'Rio Tinto Yarwun'

BSCAA Excellence Awards, Winner 2022


Most Valuable Cleaning Team (SEQ) - 'Sunshine Coast Council'

BSCAA Excellence Awards, Winner 2022


Environmental Best Practice

BSCAA Excellence Awards, Winner 2022

Other ways CMBM can help your business


Commercial maintenance to support the upkeep & longevity of your building

External Building Cleaning

Building & abseil window cleaning, carpark cleaning & more

Flooring Strip & Seals

Periodic speciality cleans, including stripping, cleaning, and sealing of vinyl floors

Anti-Slip Flooring

Professional non-slip flooring treatments and installation to prevent slip & fall incidents

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