Queensland Facility Services

Clean, Maintain, Build & Manage

A building complex is…well, complex and requires a host of services to operate efficiently. Why build silos by employing a cleaner and a maintenance person and a builder and a manager when CMBM can do it all. Professionally, and painlessly.

With just one call, we’ll take full responsibility for all of your building services.

We’re all specialists in our field, but together we form a formidable, focused team who’ll work seamlessly as one to solve all your problems with utmost efficiency and urgency.

At CMBM, we are ALL about service.

So much so, we run a 24-hour help desk with a real live team member on call who will make sure that everything is logged and actioned, not lost and forgotten.

Rest assured your emergency call will be treated with urgency.

So there will always be someone to talk to; if the client services manager to whom you wish to speak is temporarily unavailable, we promise you they will return your call within 30 minutes.

We have a two-tiered supervisory system in place to ensure that there are no tears (or anger or frustration) and that everything gets done as and when promised…with no stress whatsoever!

Let us help!

You can send us an image of your job details, make an enquiry and ask for expert advice.

Simply complete the form below and upload a photo of your problem.