Is it time to consolidate your cleaning, building and maintenance services?


With CMBM Facility Services you can streamline your business processes and administration costs with 1 supplier for all your needs. 


CMBM – A Team of Trained Specialists


CMBM Facility Services is a 100% Australian owned company that has been operating in Queensland since 2005.


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Professional Cleaning

We understand that the presentation of your facility impacts the way your organisation is viewed.


Building Maintenance

We carry out first class general repairs and maintenance services for your facility.


Master Builders

We offer all refurbishments, major repairs and building projects in any size, strictly adhering to budgets and time frames.


Management Specialists

We specialise in integrated solutions and maintenance plans to perfectly suit your facility and assets.


All wrapped up in one package – facility services.

What exactly is a facility?

A lot of people don’t realise that a facility can be any number of places: a home or office, school, hotel, rental property, warehouse, building, shopping centre, apartment complex, gymnasium, train station or stadium. In short, your place.

Picture this – you run a Golf Club.

The club walls need painting. The building needs washing. You need some minor renovations to the decking area. Your cleaners haven’t been doing a very good job lately. The plants have all died out the front and need replacing. The signs out the front look old and the lights are broken in them…

Most managers would call 6 different suppliers to get these issues fixed.

At CMBM Facility Services, we can look after all the needs at your place. That means you only have to talk to one company to get literally everything sorted.

So, why are we different to any other facilities business?

A lot of facility services companies say all the right things when they’re actually trying to win your business. Many of them even manage to do a fantastic job temporarily. Then over time, their once-fabulous service begins to slowly fall away and peter out. They take a little longer to get back to you… Their work loses its gloss, the excuses begin, the added extras end.

CMBM is different. We let our ongoing actions speak louder than words.

We never lose sight of the fact that we are only as good as your last job, and your last job will be every bit as good as your first. Our flourishing business is based on accountability to you, and we are serious about our commitment.

And our promise right here, right now is to be the most reliable and professional single-source solution to all your cleaning, maintenance, building and management needs.

We’re CMBM.
We’ll take care of your place.