Four focus areas for excellent shopping centre maintenance

Jul 9, 2023 | Asset Maintenance, Building services, Retail

Property and facility managers carry a big load of responsibility for the success and value of a shopping centre.

The maintenance of a shopping centre influences:

  • foot traffic and duration of visit
  • shopper and employee safety
  • potential for unplanned repairs and maintenance costs
  • tenancy rental value
  • current and long-term value of the centre as a whole

Having the correct maintenance processes can positively impact the profitability of your centre and tenants. Here are four essential areas of focus for excellent shopping centre maintenance and value retention:


1. Exterior upkeep

Face value matters! The outside of your centre indicates to visitors what they can expect inside. A clean and well-maintained façade suggests the stores, food areas, amenities, and rest areas will also be clean and maintained.

Regular façade pressure washing, window cleaning, exterior paint and line marking, and garden maintenance will help any centre’s attractiveness to customers.


2. Health & Safety

Proactively addressing health and safety risks for your customers and retail staff goes a long way in preventing costly liabilities.

Slip and fall incidents are a major hazard in most centres and can easily be avoided with a reputable non-slip surfacing treatment. Stair treads and gripe tape are also a must for signalling potential hazards to customers.


3. Interior maintenance

Your customers will want to visit and stay longer if your shopping centre provides a nice environment! Excellent interior maintenance, such as plastering, painting, and flooring, will keep your premises looking its best.

Clever lighting can give a major atmospheric boost and bring life to dull areas. Pay attention to the bathroom facilities and ensure the stalls, sink areas, and plumbing stay in tip-top shape.


4. Selecting the right maintenance provider

An excellent shopping centre maintenance contractor will ensure your maintenance program is running smoothly.

Good communication is key to ensuring happy tenants and shoppers. There are many trades involved in shopping centre maintenance, some of which need to be carried out during operating hours. An experienced and qualified team managing and undertaking the work is essential to minimise trade disruptions.

CMBM’s maintenance and project teams have the correct qualifications to carry out commercial works, undertake site inductions where necessary, and implement correct safety procedures to avoid hazards and injury to your employee and customers.

Whether it’s general repairs, installations, trade services or urgent flood assistance, we have earned the trust of our clients by consistently delivering quality solutions to support their business.

Find out more about our retail solutions here, or contact us to discuss how we can support your centre.

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