Restoring Safety & Flood Resilience for Storyhouse Early Learning

Aug 25, 2023 | Building services, Case Studies, Childcare

Client: Storyhouse Early Learning | Location: Chinderah, NSW

CMBM restored Storyhouse Early Learning Chinderah to its original state with a full flood rectification project following the devastating Northern NSW floods in early 2021. Storyhouse, a renowned childcare and education centre, engaged CMBM to deliver crucial renovations and improvements over 12 weeks, entrusting the team to create a safe and functional environment for children and staff.

Read on to find out how we did it.

Damaged walls and flooring removal

To address the damage caused by floodwaters, our building team stripped and removed all damaged materials at the childcare centre. Following this process, surfaces were dried with industrial equipment, and affected walls were carefully re-plastered. This restored the facility’s visual appeal and prevented long-term structural issues.


Welded coved vinyl installation

To enhance the durability and hygiene of the flooring, CMBM installed welded coved vinyl throughout the premises. This seamless and waterproof flooring solution not only minimises the risk of water seepage into cabinetry and walls, but also facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning.


Double toilet to master laundry conversion

CMBM improved the functionality of the childcare centre by repurposing the double toilet space into a master laundry. In addition to now having a dedicated space to handle laundry needs, the conversion also helps Storyhouse maintain a clutter-free and organised environment.


Glazing divider wall installation

To create multiple learning spaces with acoustic separation, without inhibiting visibility between areas, CMBM installed a glazing divider wall.


Custom timber desk installation

After completing flood restoration works, CMBM installed a custom timber desk at the front reception area to elevate the entry space and provide added functionality for reception staff.



CMBM Facility Services successfully restored Storyhouse Early Learning Chinderah to its pre-flood condition, and delivered improvements that contributed to a safer, more functional, and aesthetically pleasing educational environment for staff, children, parents, and visitors.

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Pictured: water-damaged surfaces underwent restoration through the facility

flood rectification halls CMBM building services

Pictured: damaged surfaces were removed and dried

Flood rectification CMBM Storyhouse Chinderah

Image supplied by Storyhouse Early Learning 

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