Summer Maintenance Checklist for Schools

Jul 10, 2023 | Asset Maintenance, Building services, Schools

Property maintenance for your school is a continual process. The school holidays are the ideal time to efficiently tick off routine.

With students and teachers off-campus, it is a great time to paint, change floorings, replace windows and undertake any work where sections of the school may need to be closed off to pedestrian traffic for a period of time.

In recent years, the long summer holidays have also proven to be important for ensuring maintenance is up to date ahead of an extended wet season.


Have you considered these maintenance items for your premises?


  • Roof and gutter clearing. Take a look at how CMBM provided a long-term solution to blocked gutters for a prominent Brisbane school.
  • Roof repairs or replacement
  • Grounds and garden maintenance
  • General maintenance and repairs to empower your students with a great place of learning
  • Preventative maintenance ahead of storm season
  • Pressure cleaning, such as for external walls, carparks, pathways, concrete areas, and windows
  • Painting
  • Sports turf & courts
  • Playground maintenance
  • Non-slip flooring treatments & solutions
  • Flooring upgrades
  • New carpet installation & carpet cleaning
  • Cabinetry and sink installation
  • Window replacements 
CMBM’s award winning cleaning, maintenance, and building services also include flood recovery and clean up. Our professional and experienced team are backed by industry leading qualifications and we’re only a phone call away. Contact CMBM today at [email protected] or on 1800 26 26 37 for information on how we can work with your school.

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