Top 5 reasons to leave house washing to the professionals

Jul 27, 2023 | Uncategorized

It may seem tempting to give your home a quick spray down before your guests arrive, but did you know that DIY pressure washing can often do more harm than good?  

From risk of injury to accidentally damaging your home, here are five reasons why it is best to leave house washing to the professionals. 

1. You need the correct equipment

Depending on the type of dirt and build-up on your home, you may use different chemicals and concentrations to clean the exterior effectively and efficiently. While CMBM prefer to use hot water to break down any contamination, we also use only environmentally and paint friendly Australian Made products for surfaces with requiring a stronger solution.


2. You may injure yourself

Pressure cleaning involves climbing ladders, walking on slippery surfaces, and using pressurised equipment. 

Getting to those hard-to-reach spots can be dangerous, especially if you are wanting to remove tough build-up such as dust, insects, and cobwebs. 

Pressure cleaning specialists have the correct safety equipment and processes in place to minimise risk of injuries. CMBM are ISO Certified in Safety Management, meaning our staff are trained to Work Safely at Heights (RIIWHS204D Certification)  


3. The money you save may not be worth the time you spend  

While pressure washers can be bought relatively cheaply at hardware stores, they operate at a much lower frequency than commercial grade equipment. This means it is likely to take you a lot longer than a professional to clean your home. Consider if the money you save by purchasing a home pressure washer is worth your time and health risk.  


4. You could cause damage to your home     

Incorrect levels of pressure results in oxidation streaks on your external walls. Similarly, using the inaccurate pressure or wrong chemicals can result in damaging paint and tiles, and damaging fly screens. 

Damage caused by inexperienced pressure washing can end up costing more than the money saved by doing the work yourself 

Please consider the risks of damaging your home before you take on the task yourself 


5. You may not have the correct experience 

From using the correct PSIto preventing water damage, and washing at the appropriate angle and distancepressure washing specialists have extensive skills that can only be obtained through years of experience.  

When it comes to minimising risk of injury and damage, we recommend hiring a professional to pressure clean your home.  

CMBM’s pressure cleaning specialists are experienced in washing homes, roofs, driveways, buildings, and more. For a brilliantly clean exterior, contact us on 1800 26 26 37 or at [email protected].

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