Seasonal Deep Cleaning: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Club for Peak Seasons

Mar 5, 2024 | Cleaning, Hospitality

Maintaining and preparing a club or pub involves more than just stocking up the bar and curating playlists, especially when preparing for peak seasons.  

Here are five essential ways to get your establishment ready. 

1. Deep clean carpets and floors 

Over time, floors in high-traffic areas like bars and clubs accumulate tough dirt and grime that is difficult to remove through traditional vacuuming. A comprehensive clean of carpets and floors, including steam cleaning, not only improves the appearance but also extends their lifespan. Consider professional carpet cleaning services to tackle deep-seated stains and odours. Additionally, any non-slip treatments, stair nosings, grip tape and tactile flooring needs to be assessed and maintained or repaired where required. 

2. Refresh upholstery

Furniture takes a beating with regular use, leading to wear and tear. Deep cleaning upholstery is crucial to maintaining the quality of your interiors. This improves the look while also ensuring a hygienic seating environment for your guests. 

Occasionally full refurbishments and renovations are required to modernise the premises and/or meet safety standards. 

3. Focus on hygiene and sanitisation practices 

The importance of hygiene in the hospitality industry cannot be overstated, especially in peak seasons when the risk of contamination is higher. Implementing rigorous cleaning and sanitisation protocols, particularly in high-contact areas like bars, restrooms, and door handles, is essential. This ensures the safety and well-being of both your patrons and staff. 

4. Stock up on essential supplies 

Running low on supplies during peak season can be a major setback. Ensure you have ample stock of essential consumables like napkins, hand soaps, and toilet paper. Keeping a checklist and restocking regularly can prevent last-minute drama.  

CMBM provide consumables as part of our commercial cleaning services to save  you the hassle of having to keep track.  

5. Exterior maintenance 

First impressions matter. The exterior of your venue, including windows and facades, should be inviting and clean. Periodic pressure washing and window cleaning can significantly improve your establishment’s curb appeal, drawing in more foot traffic and customers. 

Incorporating these cleaning and maintenance practices with assistance from professionals, like CMBM Facility Services, ensures your pub or club is visually appealing, hygienic and welcoming for your patrons to enjoy their time.


CMBM works closely with hospitality venues across SEQ to provide quality cleaning, maintenance and building services. Contact our friendly team today to discuss the needs of your venue or find out more about how we support Queensland’s hospitality sector here. 

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