Top 5 tips for safe practices as we enter Stage 3 in Queensland

From July 3, Queensland enters Stage 3 of the state government’s step-down approach to COVID-19.

As the last phase of the Roadmap to Easing Restrictions, Stage 3 permits a higher number of customers for a business at any one time, as determined for the 4 square meter rule. Venues below 200 square meters can have one person per 2 square meters, for up to 50 persons at a time.

Whether you are reopening your premises, or you have been open for some time, here are 5 things to consider for safe business operations on July 3 and beyond.


 1. Clear and concise cleaning plan

One of the key requirements for open businesses is frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection. This includes regularly wiping down frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, counters, and chair backs.

During busy periods it may be easy to assume that someone else will take care of this, only to realise later that everyone else had thought the same. Avoid this by ensuring you have established and communicated clear roles and expectations for cleaning!


2. Use hospital-grade disinfectants

While sanitising and cleaning throughout the day is very important, supermarket disinfectants do not kill COVID-19 or other major viruses.

To ensure your premises is disinfected from COVID-19, professional misting with a hospital-grade disinfectant, like CMBM’s Nanocyn Disinfectant & Sanitiser, is a must.

Nanocyn is TGA registered to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), as well as E.coli, MRSA, Influenza Viruses, Streptococcus and more.

CMBM’s disinfection cleaning services also come with a certificate that can be displayed on your premises.


3. Identify high traffic areas

Do you have narrow spaces or areas that can create bottlenecks on your site? Is there adequate space for customers to physically distance while queuing?

Identify high traffic areas and make use of queuing systems and physical distancing markers and adjust the floor layout where possible.


 4. Make practising good hygiene easy for your customers

Provide hand sanitiser and wipes for your customers in convenient locations, such as at entrances, exits, and counters. Make sure they are clearly signed. This is mandatory for dine-in, beauty therapy, and nail salon businesses.

CMBM can supply your business with sanitisation stations and wall-mounted wet wipe dispensers to make practising good hygiene easy for your customers and staff. Contact us to order today.


5. Plan for crowds where possible

If your business experiences higher foot traffic during certain periods, such as the Queensland school holidays (commencing June 27th), ensure you have adequate capacity for conducting business safely.

This may include rostering additional staff, increasing your cleaning capacity, or ensuring you have enough hand sanitiser and face masks in supply.


Are you prepared for Stage 3 of the State Government’s Easing of Restrictions?

CMBM can assist your business with disinfection cleaning support and smart hygiene solutions to ensure safe and smooth business operations. Contact us today on 1800 26 26 37 or at to find out more.

Please note: This article was written with regards to the State Government’s Roadmap to Easing Queensland’s Restrictions, and is correct as of June 24th, 2020. CMBM Facility Services aim to share government updates as they occur, however we recommend checking directly here to ensure you have the most correct information for your business.

CMBM’S Preferred Disinfection Cleaning Mist TGA Approved to Kill COVID-19

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved Nanocyn® Disinfectant & Sanitiser to be effective in the elimination of Coronavirus within 30 seconds of contact time.

CMBM is pleased to announce that our infection cleaning solution, Nanocyn®, has been approved by the TGA as the first all-natural disinfectant of its type in Australia to kill and eliminate SARS- CoV-2 (COVID-19) within just 30 seconds of contact.

This approval comes at a significant point for Queensland businesses as we enter Stage 1 of the state’s easing of restrictions.

CMBM & Nanocyn®

CMBM offer Nanocyn® misting as part of our range of preventive cleaning solutions, which include pre-open cleaning to eliminate dormant bacteria, and daily misting to prevent build up of pathogens and germs on the premises. If you are reopening your premises for business, please contact us to discuss how we can assist in keeping your employees and customers safe from COVID-19.

CMBM choose to use Nanocyn® because of its 0-0-0-A safety profile and patented Microcyn® Technology, which is formulated to mimic the oxygen and chlorine composition (HOCI) found in the human immune system. This makes Nanocyn 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive, and 100% biodegradable and pH-neutral.

30-Second Kill Time

The 30 seconds kill time against Coronavirus is a key factor in ensuring efficient and effective infectious cleaning. Most disinfectants require a 10 minute or longer exposure time to eliminate viruses, which runs the risk of others being exposed to the virus during this time period.

Effective Against More Than Just COVID-19

Nanocyn® has also been proven to kill:

  • E.coli (Bloody Diarrhoea And Vomiting)
  • MRSA (Infection, Resistant To Antibiotics)
  • Pseudomonas (Infection to Eyes, Ears, Gastrointestinal Tract)
  • Influenza Viruses (Influeza And Common Cold)
  • Streptococcus (Strep Throat and Skin Infections)
  • Norovirus (Gastro)


Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Nanocyn® is registered with the TGA as a hospital-grade disinfectant with claims, and has been used in a wide range of environments, including hospitals, military sites, aged care facilities, childcare sites, offices and more.

Nanocyn® is 100%:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Biodegradable
  • Alcohol- free
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • pH neutral


View full Nanocyn press release here.

If require disinfection cleaning for your premises, please contact our team immediately for assistance.

How the commercial cleaning industry will change after COVID-19

There is no doubt that the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has forced organisations and individuals alike to rethink the way we conduct business, interact with others, practise good hygiene awareness, and consider our mental and physical health.

Some of these learnings have provided businesses with the opportunity to implement permanent, positive changes.

Here are four ways we predict the commercial cleaning industry will change for the better:

More emphasis on cleaning

For many, the rapid spread of Coronavirus was a wake-up call to the importance of proper cleaning and hygiene practices. While a quick supermarket spray n’ wipe solution was the standard weekly cleaning procedure for many, COVID-19 shows that professional cleaning is a major part of limiting infection spread.

Outbreak cleaning may become the norm

Before COVID-19, the most common reason we heard from clients on not engaging outbreak cleaning was the belief that sick employees will take sick days. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and sometimes it may also not be enough.

When Coronavirus became a pandemic, we saw a spike in requests for outbreak cleaning and fumigation to prevent infectious germs. We hope this will pave the way for a more proactive approach to outbreak prevention in the workplace in future.

Healthier workplaces and employees

As education around practising good hygiene skyrockets, we predict workplaces will become more proactive in implementing sanitary measures, such as hand sanitiser stations and frequent touchpoint surface cleaning. This will lead to a decrease in workplace sickness, creating healthier workplaces and employees.

More gratitude for cleaners

Traditionally cleaners do not receive much recognition, often being taken for granted. The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the crucial role cleaners have in keeping the workplace not only clean, but also hygienic.

If you want to show your appreciation for your site’s cleaner, consider buying them a ‘thank you’ coffee, or a voucher if they are not there during open hours. Or otherwise, keep an eye out for Thank Your Cleaner Day, happening on October 21 this year!


If you require commercial cleaning or outbreak cleaning support, please contact us on 1800 26 26 37 or at

Preventing Germ Spread in the Workplace

Employee absenteeism due to sickness can cost your business more than just the expense of sick leave and the productivity lost.

On average, sick leave was estimated to have cost Queensland SMEs an average of $20,510 in productivity lost each year in 2017. This includes the loss of current and future earnings, and the flow-on effects of other employees becoming sick as a result of individuals coming into work while unwell and spreading germs. Lost productivity can also include lower quality productivity, time wastage and poor morale.

Research has shown that healthy employees tend to be better at decision-making and time utilisation, and have better employee morale. This, in turn, can attract other quality workers and signal to your clients and visitors that your business values professionalism, dignity and respect.

Here are some measures you can take to prevent germ spread in your workplace:

  • Place automatic hand sanitiser dispensers near touch points and in the reception area. Touch points are surfaces that are frequently touched by multiple people throughout the day, such as light switches, elevator buttons and the microwave.
  • Promote good hygiene practices by placing posters in the toilets and kitchen areas reminding your employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom and prior to touching food.
  • Set the standard of cleanliness by maintaining regular professional cleaning for your office, toilets and kitchen facilities, as well as having regular outbreak cleaning fumigations. Regular cleaning can create a more positive company culture as well as long-term cost savings.
  • Provide desk wipes to encourage regular wiping down of keyboards, phones, and other frequently touched surfaces.
  • Adapt flexible working arrangements and send sick employees home. Coming into work while sick is known as presenteeism, and it can actually increase absenteeism costs in the long run by infecting other employees and reducing productivity levels.

If your workplace has issues with absenteeism, workplace illness and infection control, our cleaning team can assist you with regular professional cleaning and outbreak cleaning via our Nanocyn Disinfectant & Sanitiser® Spray. Contact us today for a complimentary quote.

What is Outbreak Cleaning?

Also known as Infection Control Cleaning or Cold & Flu Infection Cleaning, Outbreak Cleaning focuses on preventing the spread of germs, such as common colds and the flu. This is done by containing, controlling and eliminating pathogens (a bacterium, virus or other microorganism that can cause disease).

Do I need Outbreak Cleaning?

While general cleaning is important for maintaining the basic hygiene and the physical cleanliness of your business by removing dirt, grime and dust, Outbreak Cleaning goes a step further by killing airborne pathogens, rendering mutations and germ spread impossible.

Many businesses with a naturally higher risk of illness, such as childcare centres, aged care facilities and medical facilities, benefit greatly from regular outbreak cleaning in addition to their general cleaning program.

How does Outbreak Cleaning work?

The flu and cold are generally spread when someone who is sick leaves infectious ‘droplets’ in the air from coughing, sneezing and talking. These droplets send sprays into the surrounding area and can linger if not properly disinfected.

Outbreak Cleaning is carried out via a fumigation system which dispels a disinfectant mist into the air to destroy these infectious droplets.

CMBM choose to use Nanocyn Disinfectant & Sanitiser® due to its non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly properties. While other outbreak cleaning sanitisers can contain harmful chemicals and require the room to be empty during and immediately after application, Nanocyn is comprised of 100% natural properties and can even be used without requiring special protective equipment, making it the safest choice for outbreak cleaning.

Should my professional cleaner be providing Outbreak Cleaning?

While Outbreak Cleaning is separate to general cleaning, many cleaning providers may offer a comprehensive cleaning package which includes regular disinfectant fumigations. If you are unsure, contact us today to find out more about how Outbreak Cleaning can be worked into your regular cleaning schedule.


If your business has a high risk of illness, contact us today to find out how our Outbreak Cleaning Solutions can eliminate germs in your centre. Book a free quote on 1800 26 26 37 or at

Top 5 Industries Requiring A Quality Professional Cleaner

Commercial cleaning for most businesses is often based on getting the lowest priced contractors, however there are some industries that should always opt for quality over cost when choosing their cleaning provider.

1. Childcare

Childcare centres and early learning institutions are high-risk for spreading illness, with germs being easily transmittable in enclosed spaces and shared surfaces.

Your professional cleaner should be trained in touch-point cleaning, a cleaning method focusing on frequently used surfaces that can result in germ build-up, such as light switches and doorknobs.

They should also conduct regular outbreak cleaning fumigations to disinfect airborne pathogens and hard surfaces. Outbreak cleaning is specifically targeted at germ and pathogen elimination to drastically reduce the spread of illness in your centre.

Popular in the early education sector is CMBM’s 100% natural and environmentally friendly Disinfectant Mist that effectively sanitises surfaces and equipment without using harmful or toxic chemicals. Contact us to find out more about Nanocyn Outbreak Cleaning.

2. Fast Food and Restaurants

Fast food establishments and restaurants can be fined anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 for breaching safe food practices, depending on the severity of the violations. These figures, however, may pale in comparison to the potential loss of profits from publicity that can follow.

Furthermore, poorly maintained eating areas indicate to your customers that your kitchen area and hygiene practices may follow suit. Bathrooms and food utensils are other factors that patrons connect to how clean a food outlet is.

If your restaurant has a play area, you will want to ensure additional sanitary solutions are available, such as self-dispensing hand sanitiser stands. A good cleaning provider should be able to supply these products for you.

Cleaning products, such as CMBM’s special enzyme cleaner, can be applied after close of business to cut through grease, providing excellent options to the fast food and restaurant industry.

3. Health Services

By default, healthcare centres tend to be associated with illness and poor health. Maintaining a sanitary and visually clean practice demonstrates your professionalism and signals to your patients and visitors that you respect their health and wellbeing.

Using a professional cleaner also means you are ensuring your workplace meets required health and safety legislations.

4. Aged Care

With a growing elderly population, aged care services are a fundamental aspect of today’s society. In 2017, 15% of Australians (3.8 million) were aged 65 or over, with this figure projected to grow steadily over the next decade.

Aged care facility cleaning helps to ensure residents are receiving the best care possible.

The residential nature of aged care facilities, community-focused environment and industry regulations make it a unique sector for cleaning. It is important that your cleaning provider understands this, and that they can provide a tailored service.

Be aware that the behaviour and attitude of cleaners and other regular on-site service providers tend to reflect on the residential culture. You should make sure you are engaging a trusted provider whose team can put residents at ease.

5. Offices

More than just a part of everyday business operations, commercial cleaning plays an important role in the success of your business. Studies have shown that a clean office can increase employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, stress levels and maintenance costs, and contribute to a positive work culture.

Furthermore, your office is an extension of your business practices. Your customers may draw conclusions on how they will be treated by your company from the cleanliness of your work environment, so it is worth ensuring your cleaning provider is able to meet these standards.


CMBM provides professional commercial cleaning solutions to businesses and industries across Queensland, with a 24/7 Helpdesk and 30-minute client call back guarantee. If you are after a reliable cleaning provider who can work alongside your business, to manage your cleaning and maintenance needs, contact us today on 1800 26 26 37 or at to discuss how CMBM can assist you.

Top 5 Benefits of Non-Slip Flooring

Non-slip flooring is a worthwhile investment for any business wanting to keep their customers and employees safe whilst reducing maintenance costs, liabilities and avoiding disruption to business operations.

According to Safe Work Australia, 23%1 of all serious workplace injury claims within the last 12 years (between 2003 – 15) were ‘fall, trips and slips’ incidents, with 56% of these injuries being caused by environmental factors, such as slippery surfaces following rainfall.

Between 2012-13 there were 6,6402 reported cases of slip incidents, with the average cost of a serious claim coming to $104,370. This makes fall, trips and slips the second highest injury claim in Australia.

CMBM are installers of GripGuard, the leading non-slip flooring solutions for businesses and residential properties around Queensland.

Benefits of Non-slip surfacing

1. No Disruption to Business

Treatment can be carried out during business hours, with the surface being safe to walk on immediately after completion.

2. No Change to Surface

GripGuard microscopically modifies the floor surface, meaning there is no visible change to the floor surface whilst grip is dramatically increased for shoes and pneumatic and solid wheel tyres.

3. Cost-Effective

Non-slip flooring saves you money as it reduces maintenance costs and mitigates potential slip or fall injuries for your employees and customers.

4. GripGuard is durable

GripGuard permanently modifies the floor surface rather than coating it, meaning it will not wear off or require special maintenance. The treatment is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic flow.

5. WH&S Compliance

Your duty of care to your employees and customers includes managing health and safety risks associated with slips, trips and falls by eliminating or minimising the risk ‘so far as reasonably practicable.’ Non-slip flooring provides peace of mind that you have fulfilled your responsibilies.


If you are unsure if you require non-slip coatings, please contact us for a complimentary Indication Slip-Test or quote for your business.


Top 5 Benefits of Office Cleaning

More than just a part of everyday business operations, commercial cleaning plays an important role in the success of your business. Studies have shown that a clean workplace reduces sick days, improves employee morale and increases productivity.

Programmed cleaning in your workplace can benefit your business by:

  • Increasing Employee Productivity
  • Reducing Absenteeism
  • Creating positive culture
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Creating long-term cost savings

Increasing employee productivity

We spend a lot of time at our workplace, so a clean and tidy working environment can significantly boost staff motivation and productivity.

An individual’s mood affects their work, so give employees a fresh and clean space to focus.

Reducing absenteeism

Unclean surfaces encourage bacteria and germs to fester and spread from person to person.

Infected office furniture, lunchroom appliances and benchtops, and desks add to the spread of infection. Food spillages, sneezing, coughing, and unhygienic bathroom habits also increase the number of germs and pathogens in the air.

Regular cleaning and outbreak control sanitisations can help prevent the spread of germs and reduce illness in your workplace.

Creating positive culture

Working in an unsanitary environment creates negative feelings for your customers and visitors.

Your office environment is an extension of your service offering, and customers may draw conclusions on how they will be treated by your company from the cleanliness of your work environment.

A clean workplace shows professionalism, dignity and a respect for your employees, customers and visitors.

Reducing stress levels

Cluttered desks, dusty and dirty surfaces and unclean furniture can create stress for workers. Research has shown that a clean environment can act as a blank slate, helping individuals think more clearly and freely, reducing ‘visual noise’ around the office.

Long-term cost savings

A regularly cleaned and well-maintained office can save you thousands of dollars on repair and replacement costs by extending the life of fixtures and fittings in your office.

Need commercial cleaning for your business? Contact us today on 1800 26 26 37 or at for a complimentary quote.

CMBM also offer complimentary meetings around developing a preventative maintenance plan for your business.

CPL Brisbane’s “We’ll Make A Change” Trek

On Sunday 26 May 2019, two CMBM teams will be participating in Choice, Passion, Life (CPL Brisbane)’s ‘We’ll Make a Change’ trek.

The trek will see the two teams hike 22.5kms through Brisbane’s beautiful D’Aguilar National Park, starting at Mt Nebo and finishing at The Gap.

Lasting 6.5 hours, this is a physically testing but empowering journey that is both a personal and team challenge, focusing on comradery, teamwork, and overcoming obstacles. The two teams include the Cleaning team (led by Damien, Director/General Manager) and Building team (led by Mark, Managing Director).

Donations can be made to the Cleaning team here and Building team here. Their goal is to raise $10,000!

Looking for a reason to donate?

Did you know that 1 in 5 Queenslanders have a disability? Many of you may know someone with a disability, whether it’s a friend or family member or someone you may have crossed paths with. CPL Brisbane provides disability services and support to help people of all ages to maximise their potential.  When your family is impacted by disability, you begin to understand how important organisations like CPL are.

Funds raised from the trek will go towards vital CPL programs such as the Let’s Talk program, Camp Have a Chat and Screech Performing Arts. These programs equip children with a disability with the skills and technology they need to communicate with the world around them.

If we help those in our community who need our support the most, collectively we will make a change.

Please donate to our Cleaning Team here and Building Team here. We thank you for your support for this important cause.

CMBM are increasing efficiencies with JobView technology

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, yet it’s an asset that is often overlooked in building management. There are many aspects of maintenance and management that can now be simplified with technological aids and solutions, but many of us still waste time and money by not implementing them into our routines and systems. Some of these aspects include quoting, scoping of works, emergency assistance, and information storage. With the assistance of virtual solutions, notably the JobView platform, these can all be completed with significantly reduced demand on time and money.


Quoting is one of the most time-consuming aspects of any building works. It can be extremely costly and frustrating, as clients and facility managers can often wait for extended periods of time for us to arrive on-site for a quote. One of the best solutions for this issue is to remove the need to physically visit the site. This can be achieved by using JobView to view the site remotely, using voice and video capturing. These capabilities allow clients or facility mangers to guide us through an issue and explain it in their own words, giving us a clear insight into exactly what they want from the job. The video also provides a point of reference for future planning, meaning that we can consult multiple staff on a job without multiple site visits.


Accurate scoping of works is one of the most important aspects of any job. Inaccurate estimations can result in money lost due to staffing, supplies, or time allocations, and can often result in a low-quality finish. A correctly prepared scope of works can avoid all of these issues, and allow for a fast turnaround time on jobs. Whilst scoping is traditionally performed on-site, the capabilities of virtual solutions now mean that it can be completed from off-site. Accurate scopes can be created through image and video capturing that can be referenced multiple times, and allows for advice from parties that may not otherwise be able to visit the site (such as regional managers or supervisors).

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance is something that everyone wants access to, but never wants to have to use. It’s crucial in this day and age that everybody has access to a 24hr helpline that will respond quickly to any emergency issues, especially with the unpredictable wild weather that Queensland experiences during storm season. It’s also important that when assistance is provided, it’s proportionate to the works required. This is effectively a form of scoping – ensuring that the work required has been adequately assessed, and is completed efficiently and quickly. Virtual assistance provides high-quality help because it allows a wide range of specialists to communicate with clients very quickly, and provide the assistance needed with a short turnaround time. In instances such as flooding, natural disaster or break-ins, this turnaround time is extremely important.


To ensure that both reactive and scheduled building needs are effectively managed, it’s important to implement current technological solutions to simplify the process. Using virtual solutions can provide significant savings and create faster turnaround times on a range of works. Adaption of these solutions provide the most promising outcomes for quoting, scoping and emergency assistance, but can also be used for other management aspects like secure information storage.

Read more here.

CMBM launch ‘About Us’ video

CMBM Facility Services are proud to launch our ‘About Us’ video, featuring Managing Director – Mark Hohn and Director/General Manager – Damien Cann who showcase our services, culture and the state of the art technology systems that set us apart.


2017 BSCAA AustralianSuper Excellence Awards

CMBM Facility Services attended the 2017 BSCAA (QLD) AustralianSuper Excellence Awards on Friday November 17, 2017 and received a number of nominations for awards within the cleaning industry in Queensland.

A big congratulations to our winners, highly commended and all CMBM finalists (list below).

Congratulations to the 2017 Award Winners from CMBM Facility Services

INNOVATION AWARD Recognition of an Outstanding Innovator
Joanne Davidson & Damien Cann CMBM Facility Services
(Meg O’Keeffe stood in for Jo on the night to collect her award).

Congratulations to the 2017 Highly Commended from CMBM Facility Services

FRONTLINE EMPLOYEE AWARDS Outstanding Support Personnel in the Industry – 51+ Employees
Sonia Webby CMBM Facility Services

MANAGER AWARDS INDIVIDUAL Manager Award – Cleaning Industry
Damien Cann CMBM Facility Services

LONG SERVICE AWARD Recognition of Service – Outstanding Individual Contribution
Daniel Cann CMBM Facility Services

Congratulations to the 2017 Finalists from CMBM Facility Services

FRONTLINE EMPLOYEE AWARDS Outstanding Individual Employee – Cleaning Industry South East Queensland Small-Medium
Ashley Sinfield CMBM Facility Services

MANAGER AWARDS INDIVIDUAL Operations Manager Award – Cleaning Industry
Michael Riley CMBM Facility Services

COMPANY AWARDS Outstanding Company in the Cleaning Industry – Qld
CMBM Facility Services

Thanks to BSCAA for the photographs! Full details here:

Office Cleaning Tips

Tip 1:

Studies have shown that the average work desk has more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is probably because, so many people eat at their desks, and so few clean them. According to one survey, only slightly more than a third of respondents cleaned their work areas every week. One of the most important things workers can do to stay healthy is to clean their desk, computer keyboard and mouse at least once a week, or to hire office cleaners who will do it for you.

Tip 2:

There are many ways that employees can keep their workspaces clean and safe. The first is to buy a good, all-around office-cleaning sanitizer and to use it often on desks and other work areas. It’s also a good idea to keep hand sanitizer on desks for those times when hand washing is inconvenient.

Tip 3:

Clean out old papers on a desk by sorting them into ‘yes,’ ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ files. If the ‘maybe’ items haven’t been used in a month, employees should toss them out of their offices. Cleaning out old papers also removes a possible fire hazard and clutter. A spring clean can do a lot of good for organisations with lots of paper files, food cupboards, or stock storage areas. Again, de-clutter your storage area, throwing out files and old stock that no longer needs to be retained. This may be a good time for management to consider digitising files or re-arranging old storage systems to make them more space efficient, for example, by introducing new storage shelving and furniture.

Tip 4:

Arrange a 5-minute roster for the staff to wash their dishes over the month. Appoint a different employee on which days to clean

Tip 5:

Air fresheners: place them around the office for a cleaner feel and smell.

Tip 6:

Supply your office with handy wipes for those unforeseen spills of coffee.

Tip 7:

Supply office with anti-bacterial gels. It is well documented that offices with this solution for their staff have less sick days because it minimizes cross contamination.

Tip 8:

More people are eating at their desks while working. Crumbs fall into keyboards, so a keyboard brush would be handy to have in a designated area.

CMBM Facility Services are in support of the Back to Work program

In appreciation of the efforts CMBM have been putting into support of the Queensland Government’s Back to Work program we recently received a letter congratulating us from the Premier of Queensland and Minister for The Arts – Annastacia Palaszczuk MP.

The Queensland Government’s program is encouraging businesses to create opportunities for those facing disadvantage in the labour market.

In support, CMBM have been increasing efforts to provide employment opportunities to these groups.

Mark Hohn, Managing Director states that “approximately 7% of our front line workforce had barriers to seeking employment, which we have helped them overcome. Strategically we would like to increase this figure to at least 20%.”

CMBM recognise that due to our industry type and front line roles such as cleaning and facilities, we are in an excellent position to provide opportunities to those that may be from a disadvantaged or other minority group such as long term unemployed, have a disability, indigenous candidate, or even more mature workers who are enthusiastic about finding a job, but are struggling to overcome certain barriers to employment.

Job creation is a key component of the CMBM business strategy and we look forward to continuing support of the Queensland Government’s Back to Work program.” Mark Hohn, Managing Director, CMBM Facility Services.

CMBM Facility Services are proud to have partnered up with a number of community based support groups for recruitment in order to achieve our objective and look forward to the positive impacts of this initiative throughout Queensland and within our industry.