Childcare Centre Cleaning: Why A General Cleaner Won’t Do

Jul 2, 2023 | Childcare, Cleaning, Hospitality

The health and safety of children, parents, and visitors is often the number one priority for childcare centres. Keeping your childcare centre clean and hygienic can be difficult, with shared items and surfaces being frequently touched by germy hands and exposed to runny noses, coughs, and even gastro!


Why leave it to the specialists?

To ensure optimum hygiene standards are maintained and government guidelines are met, childcare centres require extra attention to detail when it comes to cleaning toys, desks, bathrooms, eating spaces and playrooms.

While some childcare centres have their own cleaning requirements to safeguard sanitation, it is vital to ensure infection control, outbreak cleaning and even professional air conditioner maintenance, to eliminate microbial dangers, are frequently carried out. While most commercial cleaners can carry out general cleaning practices, they are unlikely to have the expertise, resources, and equipment to provide your childcare centre with full support when it comes to hygiene safety.


How safe and sustainable are your current practices?

Maintaining a germ-free environment is possible without the use of toxic chemical sprays and perfumed antibacterial wipes. Chemicals often found in detergents, soaps and sanitisers can lead to allergies and even asthma in children exposed to the agent.

At CMBM, we use the highest quality and safest cleaning solutions for your premises. We use the leading Nanocyn Disinfectant, a hospital-grade non-toxic solution that is TGA approved to kill not just COVID-19, but also Gastro, Strep Throat, the common cold, and more.

Nanocyn is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and made from 100% natural ingredients, making it ideal for childcare centres.


How presentable is your facility?

Another important factor to consider is the overall appearance of your childcare centre. Give parents peace of mind and foster positive word of mouth with a sparkling interior and exterior. We provide childcare centres with the complete package, including pressure cleaning, maintenance, building works, and carpark cleaning.

A clean, hygienic, and well-presented childcare centre will give parents and visitors peace of mind when it comes to who is looking after their little ones.

To ensure your facility is kept to the highest level of cleanliness, hygiene and safety, leave it to the childcare cleaning specialists at CMBM. Give us a call on 1800 26 26 37 to to find out more.

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