CMBM tackles cleanliness at Sunnybank Community & Sports Club

Sep 26, 2023 | Case Studies, Cleaning, Commercial, Hospitality, Specialty cleaning

Client: Sunnybank Community & Sports Club | Location: Sunnybank, QLD

Sunnybank Community & Sports Club (SCSC) is a not-for-profit community club and long-term partner of CMBM. Featuring an expansive venue with several dining and function rooms, daily maintenance and cleaning services are imperative to ensuring an inviting and hygienic atmosphere for the club’s passionate 30,0000 members – read on to find out CMBM does it.


CMBM takes pride in delivering a comprehensive scope of works tailored to meet the diverse needs of SCSC, including the servicing of the following areas:

  • Entrance & reception areas
  • Bar & dining areas
  • Toilet & amenities
  • Gaming areas

Programmed cleaning tasks for SCSC include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Disinfecting
  • Dusting
  • Wiping/cleansing
  • Litter collection & disposal
  • Glass cleaning (up to four metres)
  • Fortnightly high-pressure cleaning
CMBM Sunnybank Community and Sports Club Cleaning

Pictured: CMBM undertakes programmed cleaning SCSC, including glass cleaning

Covering all bases

CMBM provides a comprehensive cleaning approach that covers all aspects of Sunnybank Sports Club’s maintenance needs. From the entrance and reception areas to bar and dining spaces, meticulous cleaning and maintenance ensure that patrons are greeted with pristine environments, setting the stage for positive first impressions and memorable experiences.

Amenities, including toilets, receive thorough sanitisation and disinfection, creating a hygienic environment that instils confidence in patrons’ health and safety. Gaming areas, subject to constant foot traffic, are serviced to guarantee a clean and comfortable experience.

Sunset Bar & Grill CMBM Facility Services Sunnybank

Pictured: professional cleaning of the Sunset Bar & Grill dining area

Upholding high quality standards

CMBM’s commitment to efficiency and consistency shines through in our daily servicing, where we uphold strict cleanliness standards throughout the club. Patrons can trust that each visit will meet the same high standards, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth within the community.

Our comprehensive approach extends beyond internal cleaning. Fortnightly high-pressure cleaning effectively eliminates stubborn grime and stains, revitalising outdoor areas and elevating the club’s overall appearance. This service not only enhances the club’s image but also extends the lifespan of furnishings and fixtures, resulting in long-term cost savings for SCSC.

    Dining area cleaning - CMBM Facility Services - Sunnybank

    Pictured: CMBM upholds high quality of work in cleaning bar & dining areas 


    Through the provision of programmed cleaning services combining consistency, thoroughness, and specialised cleaning techniques, SCSC can provide an environment that continually impresses patrons while preserving its own assets in the long run.

    Litter collection Sunnybank CMBM Facility Services

    Pictured: litter collection in one of the Sunnybank Community & Sports Club dining areas

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