Professional office cleaning is a plus for productivity

Jul 7, 2023 | Cleaning, Commercial

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your office isn’t just essential for good hygiene, an always clean and tidy office environment is a major contributor to a productive workforce.

Here are the top five positive impacts of excellent office cleanliness.


1. A clean and organised office shows care and professionalism

An always clean and organised office shows a level of care and respect for clients and employees. This sets an example for the respectful and responsible attitude expected of employees in relating to one another and carrying out their work. You are more likely to retain staff if the physical environment they are working in shows they are valued as individuals. You are also more likely to retain clients if your office environment displays professionalism.


2. Less sick days = greater productivity

Considering most of our waking hours are spent at work in an enclosed office space with many other people, it is important to provide a clean and hygienic environment for staff. A clean and germ-free environment lessens the chance of viruses spreading amongst your team. A productive workforce is a well workforce who can perform at their optimum level.


3. Helps team morale

Cleaning an office isn’t just about floors, surfaces, and bins. Carpet and upholstery also need to be regularly cleaned. Employees will have a greater sense of pride entering an office that has a clean and maintained exterior, paths, gardens, and clean windows. Employees who feel good about where they work are happier at work, elevating the atmosphere and mood of the whole team.


4. Decreases stress

When everything is in its correct place and devoid of clutter, employees can easily locate and use equipment and are encouraged to leave equipment in the correct manner for other users. A clean and tidy office helps to keep equipment in optimal working order, decreases employee stress and leads to greater productivity.


5. Improves focus and concentration

It is such a pleasure to go to work in a clean and organised environment. It helps staff leave the chaos of their own lives and the outside world behind and enter with the right mind-set to function professionally. A clean and clutter-free office environment and clean windows assists with clarity of thought. Employees can focus on the task at hand and maintain their concentration leading to greater productivity.

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